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RANGIROA - The Big Atoll

Rangiroa, with its 42 mile long by 16 mile wide turquoise lagoon, is the largest atoll in the Tuamotu Archipelago and the second largest in the world.

Only an hour's flight from Tahiti, Rangiroa offers sunshine, white coral beaches and an immense playground for water sports and activities.

Lagoon excursions include amazing snorkeling through the pass amongst thousands of colorful fish of all shapes and sizes together with 3 or 4 varieties of sharks. They elegantly - and harmlessly - cruise by, but close enough to make the heart beat just a little faster. A must do

Also available is line or drag fishing as well as motor boat outings to visit Tiputa village, various remote motu islets, the bird sanctuary on Motu Paio and the famous "Blue Lagoon" of Toeo'o. Picnics are sometimes included. The hotel can arrange these excursions.

Rangiroa lagoon and the pass are also world famous for unsurpassed scuba diving which is available with professional diving centers on the island as well as on premises at the Kia ora Resort.  No advance booking is necessary. 

The only hotel/resort is the Kia Ora Resort located near the village, between the lagoon passes. It is a beautiful but low-key 5 star hotel with all the amenities and service expected from a deluxe property.

Across the lagoon, on a remote islet you will discover the delightful Kia Ora Sauvage with only 5 beach bungalows hidden under the trees and coconut palms. This is the ultimate South Seas fantasy!

Best of Rangiroa

Kia Ora Resort restaurant: excellent food, gourmet French.
Le Relley Ohutu Roulotte - Fresh fish, steak, chicken, Chinese including chao mein, hamburgers & fries, desserts, juice, wine and beer. At the end of the road at Tiputa Pass. Dining is overwater with a great view of the beach and Kia Ora Hotel. Prices are very good from $5 - $15. - portions are generous and delicious.
Kia Ora bar - Excellent place to sit and watch the sunset and the lagoon. Very large selection of drinks. Indoor bar area has glass floors to watch the fish underneath.

Paul Gauguins Pearl Farm - Free Tour and Boutique. Free Shuttle. Tours at 8:30, 10:30, 2:00. Boutique from 8:00-12:00 and 13:00-17:00. Thousands of loose pearls in all sizes and grades, very good prices. Located mid-point on the motu, west of the airport, lagoon side.
Black Pearl Island - Mostly mounted pearls, a few loose pearls. Average selection. Prices average. Located west of the airport, oceanside.
Ikimasho - Mostly mounted pearls, a few loose pearls. Good selection. Prices average. Located in Avatoru village off main road. Easy to find. Owner is very helpful.
Tetua Pearl Farm - Mostly mounted pearls with a few unmounted pearls. Small selection of average to uninspiring pearls. Prices average. Located east of the airport, next to the scooter rental, oceanside.
Boutique Vanille - located next to a dive operation to the east of KOV. Very small but nice selection of gifts.
Te Vahine Creations - Nice new and classy boutique. Has mother of pearl and black pearl jewelry, ceramics, pareos, clothing. Between the airport and Avatoru Village.
Coconut Boutique - Nice small boutique of typical tourist items, pareos, post cards. Between the airport and Avatoru Village.
Vahine Boutique - Nice selection of pareos, handcrafts, and typical touris items. Near Avatoru Village.
Carole Pareos - Never open in the four days we were there. It might be closed during the off-peak season.
Ocean Passion - Never open in the four days we were there. It might be closed during the off-peak season.

Tane Excursions - Located in Avatoru Village next to Snack Tauiraii. 7500 cfp for an all day Blue Lagoon outing and picnic, and a "if you dare" black tip shark feeding off of the Blue Lagoon motu. This was an excellent excursion. They also do Blue Lagoon/Reef Isle Excursion for 10500 cfp, which cuts short the full Blue Lagoon experience by 1.5 hours, and makes for a lot of boat riding to the Reef Isle and then back to Avatoru. Telephone is 968468.
The following information is obtained from flyers. FYI only.
Marehehonae Excursions:
Green Lagoon Excursion - Lunch included - 7500 cfp
Rangiroa Vineyards and Wine Tasting - 6000 cfp
Rangiroa Vineyards, Wine Tasting, Lunch, Swimming - 9600 cpfs
Snorkeling Avatoru Pass - 4500 cfp
Winery in Avatoru - 1800 cfp
Telephone is 716710
Rangi Excursions:
Tiputa Pass Snorkeling 3500 cfp
Tiputa and Avatoru Passes 4500 cfp
Telephone is 727053
Haiatua Excursions out of Pension Cecile:
Otepipi Village - 10500 cfp
Pink Sands - 12000 cfp
Blue Lagoon - 7500 cfp
Reef Isle - 7500 cfp
Telephone is 960506
Spirit Excursions:
Pink Sands and Motu Hopping - 10500 cfp
Telephone is 712990
Chasse Sous Marine:
Green Lagoon Snorkeling 3500 cfp (5000 cfp with picnic)
Telephone is 772825

Magasin Daniel: In Avatoru Village, lagoon side. Very large selection of groceries, including best selection of take-away foods, casse croute, and bakery items. Fresh produce, meats, beer, wine, ice cream, juices, water, sundries. Probably the best place to shop on the motu.
Magasin Heiura-Api: west of the airport. Very large selection, including general groceries, fresh produce, beer, wine, juices, water, ice cream, and good refrigerated section of ice cream. Sundries. Bakery items are relatively limited. Limited selection of take away items.
Magasin at Avatoru Pass (no name on the shop): near Bank Socredo. Very limited selection of food items, many can goods and non-perishables. Beer, juices and ice cream. Caters more to the local residents.
Roulottes: A roulotte appeared to be set up across the road from the Paul Gauguin Pearl Farm but open maybe late afternoon for a couple of hours. The truck was gone by 8:00 pm.

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